Procedures for Ordering Business Cards: Ph.D. Students

Go to the website:

If a first-time user, register to log in. Once submitted your user name and password will be emailed to you.

Click on "UCI Online Ordering"

Under "Getting Started" click on "Shop for Products"

Under "Products" click on "Business Cards"

On the page with the examples of business cards, click on Model 03B (bottom of left hand column)

On the next page, fill in the "Imprint Information" and click "Proof"

Verify on the next page that all of the information entered is correct then clink on "Continue"

On the next page, click on "Hold"

(Clicking on "Hold" saves your order and enables Finance Assistant Julie Hahm to complete the process for you.)

Bring a check for $15.02 to Julie Hahm at 3219 Education (, 949-824-7662). The amount of $15.02 represents the $13.55 cost of the cards, $1.20 tax, and $.27 shipping charges. Prices are subject to change. You should verify current cost with Julie.

Julie Hahm places your order. She will email you when your cards are ready for pick-up in her office.