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Brandy JennerPh.D. student Brandy Jenner presented at the Pacific Sociological Association's (PSA) 85th Annual Meeting held March 25-30 in Portland, Oregon. The 2014 meeting theme was “(Un)Changing Institutions:  Work, Family, and Gender in the New Economy.” Ms. Jenner's first presentation was titled "Concerted Cultivation and Accomplishment of Natural Growth in Parent-Child Interactions at IKEA" (Abstract). Her second presentation was titled "An Analysis of Military Enlistment, College Enrollment, and Labor Force Participation Among High School Graduates" (Abstract). Ms. Jenner, a second year doctoral student specializing in Educational Policy and Social Context (EPSC), has research interests in higher education access, persistence, and equity; education policy; higher education program evaluation; student veterans; and for-profit colleges/universities.

Chris StillwellPh.D. student Chris Stillwell has been advised that his most recent book Language Teaching Insights from Other Fields: Sports, Arts, Design, and More has just been shortlisted for an award for Innovation in Teacher Resources by the British Council ELTons, sponsored by Cambridge English. The ELTons are the only international awards that recognize and celebrate innovation in English language teaching (ELT). They reward educational resources that help English language learners and teachers to achieve their goals. Mr. Stillwell is a second year doctoral student specializing in Learning, Cognition, and Development (LCD). His research interests include teacher learning, collaborative professional development, peer observation, and student self-transcription of language learning tasks.

Kenneth LeePh.D. student Kenneth Lee presented his poster, developed in collaboration with Distinguished Professor of Education Greg Duncan, at the Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA) Biennial Meeting held March 20-22 in Austin, Texas. The title of his presentation was "Links Between Average Middle Childhood Problem Behaviors and Adult Health." Abstract: Adult obesity has been linked to a number of negative adult emotions or behavior problems, such as anger, loneliness, boredom, and depression. Childhood obesity has been found to be a key predictor for obesity in adulthood. Since adult behavior problems are linked to adult health and childhood health is predictive of adult health, this paper examines the potential for significant associations between childhood behaviors and early adult BMI (body mass index).

Brenda MijaresMaster of Arts in Teaching (MAT) student Brenda Minjares has been awarded a Knowles Science Teaching Foundation (KSTF) Fellowship in support of her studies. Ms. Minjares is pursuing her Master of Arts with a Single Subject Teacher Credential in Physics. Knowles Fellowships are awarded to early career STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) teachers and provide financial and professional development support. As part of her professional support, Ms. Minjares will attend three meetings per year, work one-on-one with a KSTF program officer for teacher development, and participate in an online community. The Knowles Science Teaching Foundation was established in 1999 to increase the number of high-quality high school STEM teachers with the ultimate goal improving STEM education in the United States.

NaYoung HwangPh.D. student NaYoung Hwang was sole author of her paper and poster presented at the Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA) Biennial Meeting held March 20-22 in Austin, Texas. SRA, founded in 1984, focuses on the theoretical, empirical, and policy research issues of adolescence. Current membership includes 1,300 educators representing 30 countries. The title of Ms. Hwang's presentation was "Does Paid Work Hinder Math Achievement?" Ms. Hwang, a second year doctoral student specializing in Language, Literacy, and Technology (LLT), is pursuing research interests in second language and literacy development, English Language Learners, reading difficulties, language assessment, and early intervention. She is advised by Associate Professor Thad Domina.

Alma Zaragoza PettyPh.D. student Alma Zaragoza-Petty was sole author of her presentation at the Southern Sociological Society Meeting, April 2 through 4 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The conference theme was "Poverty, Social Policy, and the Role of Sociologists." Ms. Zaragoza-Petty's presentation was titled "Cuentos and Testimonios: Professional Socialization into Academia." Ms. Petty, a fourth year doctoral student specializing in Educational Policy and Social Context (EPSC), is advised by Assistant Professor Tesha Sengupta-Irving. Abstract: Using Critical Race Theory and cuentos and testimonios as method, this study provides recommendations to graduate programs on how to manage the feelings of alienation and discrimination that scholars of color might experience as a result of being in an educational system that upholds color-blind ideologies based on White, middle-class culture and values.

CABE Award Recipients Castillo and GibbsMultiple Subject Candidates, Marco Castillo (left) and Megan Gibbs (right), were two of the four bilingual candidates honored during the recent California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) Conference held April 2 through 5 in Anaheim. CABE was established in 1976 to promote bilingual education and quality educational experiences for all students in California. Mr. Castillo received the Charles (Chuck) Acosta Teachership Award; Ms. Gibbs received the Alma Flor Ada Teachership Award. CABE awards $2,000 teacherships to support students pursuing a bilingual teaching credential.

Ph.D. students and faculty present at 2014 AERA